It does not depend on what year it is, what is going on in the economy, the market, housing, GDP, inflation, or how old you are. It does not depend on what the future holds, what just happened or anything else.

A good rule-of-thumb is to diversify. Diversifying an investment portfolio helps remove some of the risks and when done prudently could increase your long-term return or minimize loses. Diversify not just your asset classes, but also in the types of investments you put your money.

You can say there are 3 broad asset classes: Bonds (fixed income), stocks/equities, and cash (money markets, bank accounts, and US Treasures) . Inside stocks and bonds, there are large companies and small companies. If you are diversified amongst all three asset classes, you will have diversified your portfolio to help it grow in up-markets, and protect gains in down-markets. You can also diversify from a tax standpoint, some money invested in tax deferred, taxable and tax free. Then diversify in terms of when you can access it.  There is short term money (money markets, bank accounts, CDs, etc.), mid-term money (mutual funds and mid-term government bonds), and long-term money (individual stocks, tax-deferred annuities, long term government bonds, retirement plans, and cash value life insurance).  There are many more and just a short list is mentioned here.  For more information concerning investments contact your professional Financial Advisor for your particular situation.

Accepting that the future is unpredictable will get you out of betting and speculating with your money and see more success and financial confidence. This article is timeless for whenever you are thinking “where is the best place to put my money right now”



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