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Imagine if your life was financially organized, where you know you are doing all the rights things and had no financial gaps. What would that mean for you? What would that mean for your family?

As Financial Professionals and coaches, we get a lot of questions about how it all works, and how we can help them achieve their financial dreams and goals. We’d like to share the most frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease:

Why would I need a Financial Advisor?

A Financial Advisor is needed so you can focus on what is really important in life, knowing you went through a proven results oriented process.  You can potentially do better with a guide along the way that is constantly keeping up with the changing financial world and understands the future that you want. A Financial Planner and Coach should have the vision to see things that you can’t see for yourself and offer creative solutions and strategies that you may not even know existed.

What are your qualifications and how long have you been in business?

TrueView Financial is an independent financial firm established in 2015.  Our Financial Advisors collectively have over 30 yrs of experience.  We have individuals that are fully licensed and insured and are proud to offer certain products and services that are held to a fiduciary standard.  We are honored to have received numerous accolades including BBB accreditation, 5 Star Wealth Manager award, Million Dollar Round Table, President’s council, NAIFA 4 under 40 award, as well as seen in Boston Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Forbes.

How can you help me best take care of family if anything happens to me?

We can be your single point of contact, have everything organized and understand your wishes now and in the future. We will then work with your loved ones to help have those wishes carried out and be by their side.  Through our planning process we will help make sure everything is integrated and working together so you do not have any gaps, including reviews of all your insurance documents and planning around wills and trust.  We will be here to make sure your affairs and assets will be handled exactly as you’d like. Your family will have their very own portal where all of your documents will be housed and organized.

Why would I need life insurance when I can get it through work?

Many think they don’t need any additional insurance beyond what their work provides.  We find that many of our clients who have life insurance through work, often don’t know how much coverage they have, only have enough to replace 1 year of income and it may not be enough to secure their family’s lives today if something was to happen. We can help make sure you have the right amount of coverage so your family will be better taken care of.

What are the things you consider about a client when creating a financial plan?

Imagine if someone really knew your story, where you have been, how you got to where you are today and where you want to go, and then was your guide along the way.  You felt comfortable talking to them about anything. And with them by your side, you are worried less about finances and can really live your life. As your guide, we align with our clients to pull together all aspects of their financial picture including: insurance, investments, savings, retirement, debt allocation, and more to create a “TrueView” you can not only see, but constantly monitor through your very own Living Balance Sheet®.

How do you get paid as a financial advisor?

We work with our clients to provide a solution that is appropriate for their situation and goals. Typically, our clients fit into one of two plans:

  1. Our client is a “do it yourselfer” but wants professional guidance upfront. We create a plan for them with advice and guidance over the course of 2-3 meetings for all areas of their financial world. They then do all the implementation and monitoring on their own. There is typically the one-time cost between $1,000-$3,000.
  2. Most of our clients want ongoing professional guidance and advice considering all areas of their financial plan and access to all our tools and resources. This is where we do our best work and really build a relationship together. We help and guide you along the way. Our costs for advisory managed accounts starts at .99 of assets we manage and may go down as the assets go up. Depending on the advisory program additional fees may apply. We feel this really puts us on the same side as our clients.

What should you expect after contacting us?

We try to make it as easy as possible to work with us.  That’s why we have created an online calendar where you can select a meeting date and time that works best for you. The first meeting is always at no cost or obligation.  We want to get to know your first, to make sure we can provide real value for you.  You can also call our office with questions or to setup a meeting over the phone.  We will discuss where you are at financially today and your goals for financial freedom.

What is the process and how would the relationship work?

Initially, we would have a discovery conversation.  After we learn more about where you currently stand financially, we will have a planning meeting where you will see how you are currently doing in all financial areas – as well as any gaps and opportunities.   We then create a plan to fill any gaps and take advantage of opportunities.

Next, we will have an investment education meeting where we will create a personalized investment strategy and review your current investments to see where improvements can be made to potentially increase your performance and reduce your risks.

Finally, we will have our integration meeting where you will see a before/after picture once implementing all of the recommendations that will be verified with math and science.  After the initial onboarding we will be there with you every step of the way – life events, milestones and we will be proactive in reaching out to you when any adjustments are needed.  You will also always have access to our calendars so you can schedule any time with us as needed.

What makes you different? Why TrueView vs. all the other Financial Planners out there?

We are independent and work just for our clients.  Have you ever had a meeting that brought together all areas of your financial world and stress tested it to help make sure it is doing the best for you?  That is what we do – focus on process not product.

Our process of creative integration looks at how can we make one dollar do the work of many.  We consider all options and how different strategies can work together to produce better results.  Finances is not just a science but also an art, and our vision and innovation are what really sets us apart.  This means reaching your goals with more certainty.

What is your investment philosophy?

We have spent years learning from Nobel Prize Winning Research from Academia – not Wall Street. Your investments should have purpose, and integrity and do what you expect. We will work with you so you can actually understand what your investments are doing and why, this is where investment confidence comes from and when you can really reach your goals. Each of our clients has a personalized investment strategy and philosophy. We find that there are 3 basic rules for investing:

  1. Invest in stocks up to your risk tolerance – you should know what your worst-case scenario is in your investments.
  2. Global diversification – work to earn more and reduce risk. Do you know how much risk you are taking?
  3. Rebalance and reduce costs – there are always costs for investing, but there are ways to help reduce those costs, so you benefit more. How much are your current investments costing you?

What type of clients do you work with?

Most of our clients are families.  We have a team-based approach and can match you with a Financial Advisor that specializes in where you are financially in life. There’s never a bad time to come talk to us!

What financial services do you provide?

• Retirement Planning
• Life Insurance
• Investments
• Savings
• Financial Planning & Wealth Management

What does it mean to be a client of TrueView Financial?

A client of TrueView wants to do the best they can financially, their family is important to them. They want a guide along the way that not only produces results but also cares about them.  You have a team that is here when you need them for any questions that makes you feel more confident in what you are doing financially.  You will feel more confident knowing you are working towards financial freedom and security.  This helps allow you to enjoy your life more not just in the future, but the present.

We would be happy to discuss how we can work together! Please give us a call at 978-972-5114 or visit our website at to schedule an appointment.

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