How can your finances help you live an empowered life?

Money can be difficult to talk about; it can be frustrating, cause conflict, and time consuming. The purpose of financial planning is having a plan you are confident in and knowing you are on track for a secure financial future. Imagine having that feeling of financial confidence that you are doing the best you can. If your future is well taken care of and you know you are doing the best you can, will you be able to enjoy your life today even more? The benefit is less stress, less worry, and focusing more on what’s important to you like being present and your family. What should a plan entail?

  1. Where you are today – balance sheet, net worth, income sources
  2. Protect today and your future – confidently knowing if anything unexpected happens the people and things you care about will be ok. Protect your future potential so you know you are going to get there no matter what happens.
  3. Save 20% of your gross income to fuel your future. This is money that is not getting ready to get spent, but really being saved.
  4. Then start paying off debt.
  5. Freedom to spend and live off of whatever is left. Have you ever gone on a vacation or bought something nice and felt a little guilty? Your fun becomes more fun when you have done everything you should have done first; discipline gives you freedom and enjoyment.


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