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Freedom Center Events News Article

Press Release 

NEWS PROVIDED BY:  TrueView Financial. 
January 15, 2018, 08:30 EST 

TrueView Financial Freedom Center Now Open in Middleton, MA  
Middleton, January 15, 2018, For Immediate Release:  TrueView Financial, which moved its company headquarters to Middleton, MA earlier this month announced the opening of the TrueView Financial Freedom Center ™ inside its headquarters today. 



The purpose of the Freedom Center ™  coaching sessions is to show business owners and working professionals the 10 key elements in their current financial picture that leak the wealth out of their longer term investing, business growth, and retirement futures.  “Without earning or spending any additional money, these events will explain how simple strategies, once implemented, can take the same dollars you have access to now and leverage them into tax free passive income before and after retirement all while creating your own bank you can leverage for future expenses.,” said James DesRocher, owner and founder of TrueView Financial.   

Mr. DesRocher was recently named a 5 Star Professional 2018 Wealth Manager Award* winner for his work with clients.  “James is very committed to leveraging assets to increase wealth, regardless of the phase of life you are in.  His approach is not typical of other advisors, so having access to his knowledge really jumps you ahead in the game,” said Marc Roderick, a longtime client of Mr. DesRocher’s.  


First Event: “A New View for Chiropractors and Small Business Owners” Which will focus on alternative methods to grow your wealth while growing your Business.  At the New Freedom Center on Friday April 6th at 6PM.  You can register for the event at


Mr. DesRocher, who also lives in Middleton with his wife and two children, said “I am very pleased with the response I’ve received so far about this upcoming event and hope to do at least quarterly free events like this each year.”  



About TrueView Financial: TrueView Financial is an independent, fee-based, Massachusetts based financial management firm specializing in customized financial coaching for individuals and families.  TrueView Financial utilizes an academically based and statistically validated method for helping clients invest and plan for the long-term without market speculation.  TrueView services include: investment management, retirement planning, strategic insurance planning, estate management & planned giving services, and tax efficient investment planning.