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Protection - Build a Moat around your castle.

Protection - Build a Moat around your castle.

| March 21, 2019
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Did you know you can get benefits out of your insurance and protection documents without ever using them?  This includes Home, Auto, Umbrella,1 Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Wills and Estate Plans.

Most people view these types of plans as necessary evils to protect what is most important to them: Their Family, Income and Business.  However, skimping and trying to pay the least can actually cost you the most whether you use them or not. 

When I bought my home in Middleton, it was the first home I owned that had a security system.  And it was a great security system.  It had sensors on every door and window and motion sensors.  When I set it at night, if anything happened in the house, the alarm would go off immediately.  I literally sleep better at night because, by setting that alarm, I do not need to worry about someone breaking in.  I know an alarm will go off and the alarm company will be called immediately.  It gives me permission not to worry and act differently.

Here’s another view:  There was this race car company, in Europe, that was the laughing stock because they always finished last, for a decade, in the races.  A new ownership took over and made one significant change and they started coming in first and winning all the races.  (Can you guess, what that change was?)  They upgraded the braking system to anti-lock brakes!  By upgrading their protection, they provided their drivers with the peace of mind to go faster around the track!  Imagine if you were driving your car and it had no brakes how fast would you go?  How long would it take you to get to your destination?

If you have maximum protection in all financial areas, you will know if anything does happen you and your family will be safe and secure.  This will then allow you to open up some opportunities:

  • Put more of your money to work and earn more
  • Be more aggressive in other investing areas
  • At Retirement time increase your income and enjoyment

The biggest benefit may be the financial confidence and less worry you will get.  This will then allow you to focus more on what is important: Family, Business, your other values. 

How to get maximum protection:

  • You may want to add Umbrella Coverage to your home and auto and increase your deductibles to $1,000. Combining both of these moves you may get a lot more protection for very little cost.
  • Review your Disability coverage. Most important is the definition of disability.  Most policies are any occupation.  Own occupation is the strongest definition you can get.
  • Consider an HSA to go along with your health insurance plan
  • Estate Plan: Will, POA, Healthcare Proxy, Consider Revocable Trust and Per Stirpes Provision
  • Review your life insurance coverage: What is the maximum available to you and how long will it will it last?  What is the lifetime cost of coverage not just the monthly or annual premium?


Less risk, less tax, less worry

1Guardian does not issue nor advise for Homeowners, Auto, or Umbrella Insurance.  Talk to a financial professional who specializes in those insurances. 


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